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Annemieke Romein, MA

Ph.D. student

E-mail: romein [at] eshcc [dot] eur [dot] nl

Alumna of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Master in History of Society, 2007)
Alumna of Leiden University (Masters of Education in History and in Civics, 2008)

Teacher in History at Develsteincollege in Zwijndrecht, 2008-2011 • Onderwijsmaster (Master of Education) in Maatschappijleer (Civics), ICLON/ Leiden Univercity, 2008 • Onderwijsmaster (Master of Education) in Geschiedenis en Staatsinrichting (History), ICLON/ Leiden University, 2007-2008 • Teacher in History and Civics KSE in Etten-Leur, 2007-2008 • Master of Arts in Maatschappijgeschiedenis (History of Society), Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2006-2007 • Bachelor of Arts in Geschiedenis (History), Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2003-2006

'Reason of State' or 'Reason of Princes'? The 'New Monarchy' and its Opponents in France, Germany and the Netherlands, during the Seventeenth Century

Provisional Title of Postgraduate Research
Estate Reactions to the ‘New Monarchy’ in France (Fronde 1648-52) and in Germany (Hesse-Cassel, Jülich, 1642-1652)

Previous Research
'Bona Politia' (Gute Policey) in the Dutch Republic, in the province of Gelderland. Public peace, safety and order (Master Thesis)

“Censuur door ‘Bona Politia’ in de Republiek” ter gelegenheid van: Woord en beeld als wapen: nieuws en propaganda in de zeventiende eeuw, werkgroep 17e eeuw, 30 augustus 2008