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Prof.dr. Piet Steenbakkers


Postal Address:
P. Steenbakkers
Department of Philosophy
PO Box 80.126
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Piet Steenbakkers holds the endowed chair for Spinoza studies in Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is lecturer of the history of modern philosophy in Utrecht University and lecturer of philosophy in University College Utrecht. He studied English and philosophy in the University of Groningen. There he received his PhD in philosophy in 1994. He is a member of the "Groupe de recherches spinozistes", an international team of scholars currently preparing a new critical edition of Spinoza’s works with facing French translations.


  • Spinoza to the Letter: Studies in Words, Texts and Books, edited by Fokke Akkerman and Piet Steenbakkers (2005)
  • Spinoza-plaatsen: over tekst en context van brief 76. Inaugural lecture delivered at Erasmus University Rotterdam on 7 October 2005. With a summary in English (2005)
  • Spinoza's Ethica from Manuscript to Print (1994) (thesis)


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