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Jesper Schaap, MA

Ph.D. student

E-mail: schaap [at] eshcc [dot] eur [dot] nl

Alumnus of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Research Master Early Modern Intellectual History, 2013)

Master of Arts in Early Modern Intellectual History, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2010-2013 • Summer School at the Department of American Literature, UC Berkeley, 2010 • Philosophy (BA-1), Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2009-2010 • Bachelor of Arts in Geschiedenis (History), Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2006-2010

'Reason of State' or 'Reason of Princes'? The 'New Monarchy' and its Opponents in France, Germany and the Netherlands, during the Seventeenth Century

Provisional Title of Postgraduate Research
Reason of State versus Interest of Princes? The rhetoric of intérêt and raison d’état in the New Monarchy of France: Henri Duc de Rohan (1579-1638) and Gabriel Naudé (1600-1653)

Previous Research
Offence is the Best Defence? Gabriel Naudé as Cardinal Mazarin’s apologist in the Mascurat (Research Master thesis)


17 oktober 2013 (Research seminar) Staatsbelang versus vorstelijk belang? De belangenretoriek van interêt en raison d’état in het werk van Henri de Rohan en Gabriel Naudé