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Prof.dr. Robert von Friedeburg

Chair of Early Modern History, with special reference to the History of Politics and Mentalities

tel. +31 10 408 2515
e-mail: vonfriedeburg [at] eshcc [dot] eur [dot] nl

PhD Bielefeld 1989 • Habilitation Bielefeld 1994 • Visiting Fellow Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University 1987–88 • Meyer-Struckman Research Fellowship 1992-1993 • Heisenberg-Fellow, German Research Association, 1996–2001 • Cameron-Faculty Fellow, School of History, University of St. Andrews, 1997 • Fellow, The Humanities Research Program, University of New South Wales • Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, School of Historical Studies, 2002 • Chaire Dupront, Sorbonne (Paris IV), March 2009 • Member, Royal Historical Society • Member of the Board, Althusius-Gesellschaft e.V. • Member Academia Europaea

Research Projects
• 'Reason of State' or 'Reason of Princes'? The 'New Monarchy' and its Opponents in France, Germany and the Netherlands, during the Seventeenth Century
Reason of State NWO.pdf

• Luther’s Legacy: The Thirty Year War and the Modern Notion of ‘State’ in the Empire, 1530s to 1790s (Cambridge, in press, 2015)
• (ed.) Politics, Law, Society, History and Religion in the Politica (1590s-1650s). Interdisciplinary Perspectives on an Inderdisciplinary Subject (Studien und Materialien zur Geschichte der Philosophie, vol 58), Olms, Hildesheim 2013
• Europa in der frühen Neuzeit (Frankfurt 2012)
• (co-ed. with Luise Schorn-Schütte) Politik und Religion. Eigenlogik oder Verzahnung? (Munich 2007; Historische Zeitschrift Beihefte 45)
• (ed.) Passions and the Legitimacy of Rule: Antiquity to the Early Enlightenment (London 2005)
• (ed.) Patria und Patrioten vor dem Patriotismus. Pflichten, Rechte, Glauben und die Rekonfigurierung europäischer Gemeinwesen im 17. Jahrhundert (Wiesbaden 2005)
• (ed.) Murder and Monarchy. Regicide in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Basingstoke 2004)
• Self-Defence and Religious Strife in Early Modern Europe (Aldershot 2002)
• (ed.) Widerstandsrecht in der frühen Neuzeit. Erträge und Perspektiven der Forschung im deutsch-britischen Vergleich (Berlin  2001)
• Widerstandsrecht und Konfessionskonflikt: Gemeiner Mann und Notwehr im deutsch-britischen Vergleich, 1530–1669 (Berlin 1999)

Chapters & Articles
• "Buchanan and the German Monarchomachs" in: Caroline Erskine, Roger Mason (eds.), George Buchanan: Political Thought in Early Modern Britain and Europe (Aldershot 2012)
• Response to Introduction: ‘Ideology’, Factions and Foreign Politics in Early Modern Europe, in: Gijs Rommelse, David Onnekink (eds.), Ideology and Foreign Policy in Early Modern Europe (1650-1750), (Aldershot 2011), 11-28
• "The Continental Counter-Reformation and the Plausibility of the Popish Plots, 1638-1642" in: Glenn Burgess, Charles W.A. Prior (eds.), England’s Wars of Religion, Revisited (Aldershot 2011), 49-74
• "Cuius regio, eius religio. The Ambivalent Meanings of Statebuilding in Protestant Germany, 1555-1655" in: Howard Louthan et al. (eds.), Diversity and Dissent. Negotiating Religious Difference in Central Europe, 1500-1800 (New York, Berghahn 2011), 73-91
• "The Roots of Modern Germany" in: Helmut Walser Smith (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Modern German History (Oxford 2011), 29-48
• "Between Scylla and Charybdis? Evidence on the Conversion of Christoph Besold from his Letters and his Legal and Political Thought" in: Henk Nellen, Jeannine de Landtsheer (eds.), Between Scylla and Charybdis. Learned Letter Writers Navigating the Reefs of Religious and Political Controversy in Early Modern Europe (Leiden 2010, BSIH 192), 409-426
• "Ecclesiology and the English State. Luther and Melanchthon on the Independence of the Church in English Translations of the 1570s" in: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, 101 (2010), 137-161
• "The Juridification of Natural Law: Christoph Besold's Claim for a Natural Right to Believe what One Wants"in: The Historical Journal, 53 (2010), 1-19
• "Why Did Seventeenth-Century Estates Address the Jurisdictions of their Princes as Fatherlands? War, Territorial Absolutism and the Duties of Patriots in Seventeenth-Century German Political Discourse" in: Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies in German-Speaking Lands: Religion, Politics and Culture 1500-1700, eds. R.C. Head & D. Christensen (Leiden 2007), 169-194
• "The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (sections I-III)" in: European Political Thought 1450-1700, eds. H. Lloyd et al. (Yale UP 2007), 102-166
• “Die Neu-Erfindung der Politik im 17. Jahrhundert” in: Religion, Politik und Gewalt, ed. F. Schweitzer (Gütersloh 2006), 198–222
• "'Confusion' around the Magdeburg Confession and the Making of 'Revolutionary Early Modern Resistance Theory'" in: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, 97 (2006), 307-318
• “Religiosita e concezione del ruolo istituzionale. Filippo d’Assia e Moritz di Assia-Kassel” in: La societa dei principi nell’Europa moderna (secoli XVI-XVII), eds. C. Dipper & M. Rosa (Bologna 2005), 1–18
• "The Making of Patriots: Love of Fatherland and Negotiating Monarchy in Seventeenth-Century Germany" in: Journal of Modern History, 77 (2005), Number 4
• “Vom ständischen Widerstandsrecht zum modernen Naturrecht: Die Politica des Johannes Althusius und ihre schottische Rezeption” in: Strukturen des politischen Denkens in der Frühen Neuzeit, ed. Luise Schorn-Schütte (Munich 2004), 149–194
• "'Self-Defence' and Sovereignty. The Reception and Application of German Political Thought in England and Scotland, 1628–1669" in: History of Political Thought, 23 (2002), 238–265
• "Civic Humanism and Republican Citizenship in Early-Modern Germany" in: Republicanism. A shared European Heritage, eds. Quentin Skinner & Martin van Gelderen (Cambridge 2002), 127–145
• "In Defence of Patria. Resisting Magistrates and the Duties of Patriots in the Empire 1530s–1640s" in: Sixteenth Century Journal, 32.2 (2001), 357–382