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In 2018, Rotterdam Public Library again acquired some magnificent additions to its already special collection of books by, or concerning, Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536):

From 1517

Erasmus, Absolutissimus de octo orationis partium constructione libellus, nec minus eruditione pueris utilis futurus, quam compendio et perspicuitate commodus, ac iucundus, nuperrime uigilantissima cura recognitus, & in nostra officina summa diligentia excusus (Basel: Johann Froben). Sole public copy in the Netherlands.

From 1522

Ein schön Epistel Erasmi von Roterdam, das die Euangelisch ler von yederman sol gelesen vnd verstanden werden (Basel: Adam Petri). Sole public copy in the Netherlands.

Erasmus, De interdicto esu carnium, deque similibus hominum constitutionibus, ad reuerendum in Christo P. et illustrem principem Christophorum episcopum Basiliensem, epistola apologetica (Cologne: Johann Soter). Sole public copy in the Netherlands. Seven other copies known worldwide.

Carranza, Opusculum in quasdam Erasmi Roterodami annotationes (Rome: Ariotto da Trino). Sole public copy in the Netherlands. Five other copies known worldwide (all in Italy).

From 1524

Erasmus, In Evangelium Marci paraphrasis nunc recens & nata, & formulis excusa (Antwerp: Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten)

From 1560

Novum Testamentum Iesu Christi, Filii Dei, primo quidem studio & industria D. Erasmi Roterod. accurate editum, nunc autem magna diligentia collatis compluribus exemplariis denuo expressum. His accesserunt argumenta singulorum capitum. Cum Indice Euangeliorum &t Epistolarum, quæ per anni cursum, tam in diebus Dominicis, quam Festis, memoriæ Diuorum sacris recitari consueuerunt (Strasbourg: Theodosius Rihel). Sole public copy in the Netherlands. Six other copies known worldwide.

From 1570

Novum Testamentum Græce et Latine, studio et industria Des. Erasmi Roterodami accurate editum, magnaque diligentia collatis compluribus exemplaribus iam denuo expressum. Adiectis argumentis cum concordantiis in margine, & quadam adiuncta separatim utili tam explicatione vocabulorum quorundam, quam demonstratione certorum ad intelligentiam veritatis pertinentium locorum (Leipzig: Ernst Vögelin). Five other copies known worldwide.

From 1571

Index expurgatorius librorum qui hoc seculo prodierunt, vel doctrinæ non sanæ erroribus inspersis, vel inutilis & offensiuæ maledicentiæ fellibus permixtis, iuxta sacri Concilii Tridentini decretum, Philippi II. regis catholici iussu & auctoritate, atque Albani Ducis consilio ac ministerio in Belgia concinnatus, anno M.D.LXXI (Antwerp: Christoffel Plantijn). One of two public copies in the Netherlands. Erasmus has his own section on this list of books prohibited by the Catholic Church.

From 1690

Florimond Remond, Opgang, voortgang, en nedergang, der ketteryen deser eeuwe. Hier is oock by-ghevoeght de fabel van Jeanne de pausinne van Roomen. Ende nu in de Nederlantsche tale overgheset (Antwerp: Hieronymus Verdussen). Of course, Erasmus figures prominently in this review of 16th-century heretics and heresies.

From 1946

Erasmus, Éloge de la folie. Traduit du Latin par Thibault de Laveaux; la couverture a été composée par A.F. Cosyns; le frontispice a été dessiné par André Deslignères d'après le tableau de Holbein (Paris: Pot Cassé). Sole public copy in the Netherlands. Splendidly illustrated translation of Erasmus's satire of man and society.

Erasmus as a Serious Game

What would you do? How would you react if a friend were bullied on social media? Or if you heard that your Box Switch.jpgfriend’s mother were seriously ill? No matter how old you are, deciding how to respond can be hard. By playing SWITCH you’ll experience how you and your fellow players would respond to challenging situations.

In 2016, it’s been 550 years since Erasmus was born in Rotterdam and 500 years since he published his most important book. Good reasons for celebrating Erasmus and particularly his ideas. This is exactly what SWITCH does. Erasmus writes about language, behaviour and religion. His books are about people. He wants to educate people, ideally through play and humour. How can people live together without violence and be happy? According to Erasmus, it is essential that people start, and keep, talking to each other in order to gain empathy, understanding and respect. SWITCH wants to put this into practice. It is a (non-digital) game you play together. SWITCH gives you the chance to see things from other people’s perspective and imagine what you would do if you were in their shoes. Every time you play, the outcome will be different, interesting and surprising.

SWITCH was realised by Rotterdam Public Library and Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is intended for children at the age of 10–15. SWITCH was developed and produced by Playspace Rotterdam. Initial game concepts were designed by second-year students Gamification at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (WDKA/HR) supervised by Bruno Setola and Kimberley Spreeuwenberg. All concepts were tested for several weeks at two primary schools (De Kralingsche School in Rotterdam and Het College Vos in Vlaardingen) and a high school (OSG Hugo de Groot in Rotterdam). Winning game concept by students Amy Marks, Nikki de Pree, Myrthe van der Kleij, and Matej Moravec.

Want to buy SWITCH? E-mail us at: erasmusexperience [at] bibliotheek [dot] rotterdam [dot] nl